The Project Saboteur - and how to kill him

Jeroen Gietema & Dion Kotteman

Published by
Claret Press
ISBN 978-1910461136
RRP £12.99
Reviewed by Mike Rees MBCS CITP, IT Consultant
Score 7 out of 10

The primary objective of this book is to teach you how to become a project saboteur, but in doing so it is designed to provide a lesson in how to identify such people and nullify their threat to the health of the project.

The book identifies a number of levels at which the project saboteur can operate - Director, Project Manager, User, Specialist and Consultative Committee member. It also details, at each of those levels, the forms that sabotage can take and how to counter these threats to the project.

This book was originally written in Dutch, but has been translated and updated with some examples of UK project failures.

There is also a largely German/Dutch reading list, to which I would add a book reviewed by the BCS a couple of years ago - The Anatomy of IT Projects: why they’re hard, and why they fail by Mark Seneschall.

It’s not until the very end of the book that you will find any material devoted to the project saboteur in the Agile environment. As for PRINCE, the authors have a separate title, Project Saboteur and PRINCE2.

This is a fairly generic book about projects and project management, so little or no IT technical knowledge is required.

For those studying or involved in project management/change management (either student or employee) it can provide some useful background material into the human factors involved in project management and project success/failure.

It’s not overly long either - 150 pages, A5 size.

Further information: Claret Press

August 2016