The Useful Book of Gadgets, Gizmos & Apps

Martin Bailey

Published by

Management Books 2000 Ltd





Reviewed by

Anthony Sutcliffe


8 out of 10

This is a deceptive little book; at first glance, it is a simple list of software apps, programs, devices and processes that might seem to have little in common. However, once you start to read through it, you realise the value of the individual items and how they can be used to make life just that little bit easier; and as a whole, the book can become addictive reading.

Each of the items that the author writes about is one that he has obviously used himself, or seen in use by a family member or a close friend; and his experience of the particular product makes his descriptions very personal. They are all very conversational in tone, using plain English, which makes the text easy to read and absorb. He also offers some clear advice on how to get the most out of each item.

The products each get a double page, with a picture of the relevant item leading to a description of the merchandise, an overview of the properties and the uses to which it can be put, as well as why it could be considered to be of value. In addition, many have an extended account of the options that can be used or purchased, and these provide some food for thought.

Many of these items might be suitable as presents, for Christmas or birthdays; or perhaps just as something special to treat yourself. However, a number of them are just clever ideas to try and help make life that little bit simpler. Although many of the items are clearly aimed at a male audience, it’s obvious that a large number of them would also appeal to the female contingent of the family, and not just the children or teenagers either.

I found it an interesting little read, with an eclectic mix of ideas; it’s unlikely that I would buy many of the items, but there are several that I might be persuaded to test out. I have to confess that I was tempted to leave the book out for other people to read, partly in the hope that it might give them hints on things that they could get me; well, one can always hope!

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December 2016