Big data is not a monolith

Edited by Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Hamid R. Ekbia, Michael Mattioli

Published by

The MIT Press





Reviewed by

Deryn Graham FBCS


10 out of 10

Definitely not light reading, as this book addresses difficult concepts, terminology and issues.

The editors’ compilation forms a more measured view of big data, considering unforeseen and potentially negative consequences of big data and the ramifications, away from the hype, “data harm” for example.

This book represents a refreshing antidote to the “devil may care” approach to the use and application of big data and analytics. It looks at the major issues often neglected by the pro big data enthusiasts, such as those related to epistemological, social, political, economic and especially privacy issues.

Well informed (up to date references), well written, an interesting read. This text is highly recommended, for all readers and practitioners with a serious interest in Big Data Analytics (BDA).

Simply excellent!

Further information: The MIT Press

January 2017