Practical DevOps

Joakim Verona

Published by

PACKT Publishing





Reviewed by

Uma Kanagaratnam, Managed Application Services consultant


9 out of 10

What is DevOps? The word "DevOps" is a marriage between the "development" and "operation" side of a business. In simple terms it is the continuous collaboration between developers and the wider IT professional communities, aiming to build, test, and release more reliable software rapidly.

The author starts with providing the readers an introduction to DevOps in chapters 1 and 2. Everyone is familiar with ITIL and Joakim makes a conscious effort in providing a brief on how ITIL and DevOps fit together. 

The practical approach of using various examples and useful links to other resources engages the reader. We are taken through the steps in a DevOps life cycle i.e. building - testing - deploying -  monitoring from chapters 5 - 8.

In the final chapter we are introduced to the emerging field of the Internet of Things and how it affects DevOps.

The book scores 9 / 10 in terms of content and value for money. It is an easy and informative read. From my perspective I would conclude that this is a recommended read for readers who are new to DevOps. 

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January 2017