Beginning Java Programming - The Object-Oriented Approach

Bart Baesens, Aimee Backiel and Seppe vanden Broucks

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Jacqui Hogan MBA MBCS CITP


9 out of 10


This is a detailed and comprehensive practical guide to Java programming. It is not a reference guide; rather, it is a step-by-step tutorial for people wishing to learn how to programme in Java.

First glance

This is a fat book written in a small font that, at first glance, looks rather daunting. However, the contents pages are easy to read and make it easy to find the relevant section. The writing style is clear, making the content relatively straightforward to understand.


The book is well laid out with an introduction which I would recommend reading first. It loosely covers three key areas:

  • A general introduction to programming and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - this is useful but brief, and assumes knowledge of some OOP terms e.g. class, state, objects etc.
  • OOP in Java and details on how Java programmes are structured
  • How to talk to data sources in Java

The book is not in three sections however, as these concepts are introduced as needed. This does make it more difficult for anyone who chooses not to follow the contents sequentially.

Key messages

Java may not be the current ‘sexy’ programming language, but it is still the language of choice in many organisations.

Because this book is so comprehensive, it also sends the message that almost anyone can learn to programme in Java.

Aimed at

The authors suggest that the reader needs no prior knowledge of programming. However, I think someone with no knowledge at all would struggle. Therefore, the best audience for this book would be those people with knowledge or experience of another programming language and some basic understanding of OOP.


Best guide to learning Java I’ve read. The book links to a website where you can download the exercises, making it a more comprehensive experience. For anyone wishing to understand and use Java, this book is all you need.


Learning Java is a big subject, and this is a big book to match. I would recommend this book to anyone who is serious about learning to programme in Java.

Further information: Wiley

February 2017