The Accidental SysAdmin Handbook (2nd edition)

Eric Kraliceck

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Mike Rees MBCS CITP, IT Consultant


9 out of 10

This is the second (and updated) edition from a series of IT-related titles from this publisher.

The author has over 20 years’ experience in IT, and so in this book manages to cover everything from server room and server rack specifications, through to workstation and printer deployment, in a relatively short 260 pages.

Designed for those new to systems administration the book covers many of the essential aspects involved in planning and deploying a new network, and provides a good theoretical template with some practical insights.

Despite being sub-titled “a primer for entry level IT Professionals”, potential readers of the book can also include those studying IT, those applying for technical support/systems administration roles, and those already working in a network/server environment.

The fourteen chapters start off with some scene-setting fundamentals (including the OSI model), through network services architecture and support plans, physical and virtual servers, directory services, network security, and, finally DR.

It’s not possible to cover everything in a single book, so lack of space may have prevented perhaps at least a chapter on some of the current hot topics and their impact on the traditional systems administration role.

The book will provide an excellent source of background information, however it won’t (and doesn’t promise to) replace specific training and certification.

At around £20 it represents good value as it’s a well presented book, with lots of diagrams, screen-shots, sample checklists, plenty of references and a comprehensive index.

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February 2017