Professional bodies launch Well Connected campaign to improve health and care

3 May 2017

Today saw the launch of the Well Connected campaign at the UK e-Health Week 2017. This campaign is brought together by The Federation for Informatics Professionals in Health and Social Care (Fed-IP), and is organised by a coalition comprising of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, CILIP, IHRIM and Socitm.

David Evans, Director of Policy & Community at BCS, launching the campaign, explained: “Technology has an immense and profound impact on health and wellbeing. The creation of the Well Connected campaign marks an exciting time for health informatics and addresses the societal need for better health and care.

“It brings together and aims to inspire the professionals who can harness technology to put people and their communities first. We’re bringing together people with shared values, and empowering individuals to take ownership as a community of professionals which will attract new generations into the profession.

“This is their campaign, and we know that the best is only possible when we come together to put our citizens and communities first.”

Fed-IP is a federation of professional bodies working together to support the best health and care possible, making use of information and digital technology. It aims to gather people working on health and care IT / digital and bring them into a multi-disciplinary community. That way it can help them to share ideas, good practice, and turn that into standards that they apply to themselves.

Its objective is to unlock the potential of everyone involved in making health and care the best it can be, harnessing information and technology. It will do this by gathering people together who share that objective, so that they can work together, share ideas, build standards, develop themselves and each other, and as a result deliver in their professional activities what is really needed to achieve that objective.

Anyone who is a member of a Fed-IP recognised professional body can sign a pledge and be added to the public pre-register (BCS, CILIP, Socitm, IHIRIM):

The pledge includes:

  1. Actively promote and demonstrate my commitment to putting communities first in health and care, and set an expectation that others do the same
  2. Seek to learn, develop and share what delivers the best health and care
  3. Not tolerate professional or organisational rivalries that conflict with what our communities need
  4. Play an active role in my own professional community, and multi-disciplinary communities that support these aims

Sign the pledge to the Well Connected campaign

There is also an open pledge that anyone in the NHS or indeed members of the public can sign to show their commitment.

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