Be A Great Problem Solver Now!

Adrian Reed

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Reviewed by George Williams MBCS CITP

10 out of 10

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Adrian Reed’s problem solver book. The presentation style is unique. In each of the seven chapters an aspect of problem solving is carefully dissected in both “A Speed Read - Instant Tips” and a more holistic “Big Picture - Lasting Results” analysis... an absolutely fascinating approach to the subject matter. Having an “Executive Summary” at the beginning of each section allows the reader to decide whether to dig deeper, or move on ... a simple yet effective technique.

The book will resonate completely with business analysts and management consultants, since Adrian is one such person himself, “who loves working with others to solve tricky problems”.

Reprising this excellent book will perhaps not do it justice. It should be standard reading for any aspiring business analyst. Adrian addresses the myriad of problems facing the business analyst today commencing with advice on avoiding making decisions too early on what solution to take ... through to consideration of monitoring the success of the finally implemented solution. Along the problem solving journey many techniques, diagrams and worked examples are provided to give context to the concepts. Following the discussion on each “Big Picture” you are encouraged to reflect on “How did it work [for you]?” and “What will I do [better] next time?” ... Sage advice.

Adrian maintains that even the most complex situations can be distilled down to a single page, and the activity of doing so will help crystallise and focus on the most important elements; having a structured single-page template (Project Canvas) that will help you to avoid missing any crucial aspects. Obligingly a soft copy is available to download. The Project Canvas permeates each chapter of the book, as each element of problem solving is analysed, dissected and positioned in its rightful place.

Most essentially this book is a business analyst’s toolkit. Adrian’s comprehensive advice will resonate with many a hard-bitten professional problem solver, whilst giving substantive support to the next generation to come. There will no doubt be instances where you wish you had one (or more) of the techniques in your armoury when you started out on your career!

So, in summary, we have years of business analysis experience neatly packaged and presented in an intriguing presentational and toolkit format. Once you’ve digested Adrian’s advice you too will be a great problem solver now!

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September 2017