Cyber Security: A practitioner’s guide

David Sutton

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Reviewed by Emmanuel Ojo Ademola SME, FBCS 

10 out of 10

During the most recent decade, cyber security has turned into a noteworthy test but also hugger-mugger. The different digital assaults and emergencies have set it in the global spotlight. In light of this unique situation, David Sutton's Cyber Security A practitioner’s guide has been published at an essential time.

The book gives an invigorating analysis of the significance of cyber security and how measurement of specialists could shape organisational safety strategies.

The book covers the different sorts of cyber danger, and it helps to clarify what professionals can do to alleviate these hazards and keep information secure.

The book speaks as a refreshing antidote to the snags that may emerge in securing data. It provides readers and practitioners with better mindfulness and comprehension of security dangers. It gives specialists exact information to fix the wellbeing of hierarchical and consumer information.

The book has succeeded with regards to giving readers and practitioners a far-reaching record of what cyber-crime and cyber-attacks imply. It is prevailing as a guide, supporting specialists to find basic techniques and thought processes of cyber assaults. It gives tips and learning references on how better to shield an individual and business from cyber-attacks. Additionally, it accentuates different tips to setting up a cyber security mindfulness activity, and training that may exist within organisations.

Overall, it is a model book. BCS has published a book to be recommended for giving an expansive and sweeping talk of cyber security. The book is well informed, elegantly composed and an intriguing read. The book will speak to readers who look for a superior comprehension of cyber security. It is well on the way to ending up noticeably as required perusing for scholars-practitioners, policy-makers, and students alike. It is highly recommended, for all readers and practitioners with a genuine interest in cyber security. Simply exemplary!

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September 2017