mind+machine: A Decision Model for Optimizing and Implementing Analytics

Marc Vollenweider

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RRP £22.99
Reviewed by Deryn Graham FBCS, Senior Lecturer (Retired)

7 out of 10

Having read other books of a very similar primary title, on the face of it, the contents were not what I expected, as with previous similarly entitled books, the subject matter related to discussing human cognition and artificial intelligence (AI). This book is about Big Data and Analytics, as indicated by the sub-title.

mind+machine actually refers to a guide for conducting analytics using the mind+machine TM approach. The book is in three parts:

  • The Top 12 Fallacies about Mind+Machine;
  • 13 Trends Creating Massive Opportunities for Mind+Machine;
  • How to Implement the Mind+Machine Approach.

The hardback version of the book was far from glossy or in colour and its structure and layout could have been greatly improved to enhance the reader’s experience and the book’s appeal. (The e-book version was not read and for reasons of printing costs, it could be in colour, although the structure is likely to be the same).

Although there are some excellent real-world use case examples and very interesting points given, overall I found it difficult to establish the book’s goals. If the book’s purpose was mainly to guide, then any guide should be clear and simple, and regrettably I didn’t find this to be the case.

The author and book have much to recommend them. The author obviously has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and importantly, the background needed to possibly write a simpler, clearer, less academic paperback guide version of mind+machine.
The book is indexed, but has no separate reference section however, some references are provided under ‘Notes’.

The book is perhaps currently aimed more towards the expert or informed data analytics practitioner than those interested in AI.

Further information: Wiley

September 2017