A practical guide to project planning: a step-by-step approach

Rod Sowden

Published by

The Stationary Office


RRP £28.00
Reviewed by Chris Evans

10 out of 10

I found the book extremely valuable in terms of content and very well presented in terms of layout, writing style and the actual ‘design and feel’. So often PM books can be ‘dry and dusty’ but the callouts, boxing and quotes made it very readable and engaging.

I often object to books I review as they are ‘rehashing’ old material and stating the obvious, however in this case, the knowledge of the author, practical examples and the comprehensive nature of the text means that this really is a ‘start to finish’ guide that actually accomplishes what it sets out to achieve.

One of the things I really liked was that the obstacles and challenges associated with PM were called out front and centre rather than being a footnote at the end of the chapter. It is so easy to simply list PM steps in a serial fashion and sweep the potential pitfalls under the carpet and this does not happen here.

It was also really useful to see practical techniques and calculation methods brought into the text.  Again, so often a book will say ‘do it’ without advising ‘how’.

The acid test for me is ‘would I read this again’.  In this case of this book the answer would be most definitely yes, both as a full read to refresh myself and a reference guide to dip into when necessary for inspiration or confirmation.

Overall, I thought the book was excellent and would recommend it highly.

Further information: The Stationary Office

October 2017