Operating Model Canvas

Andrew Campbell, Mikel Gutlerrez, Mark Lancelott

Published by
Van Haren
ISBN 9789401800716
RRP £32.98
Reviewed by Chris Evans

10 out of 10

Upon receipt of this book I was somewhat sceptical because its appearance and format is so different to most of the management books out there. Indeed, there was a moment when it was on a table next to some of my Granddaughter’s books and the similarity was striking.

However, once adjusted to the concept, it became a format that I very much enjoyed. Breaking up the complex concepts in that style with the hand drawn diagrams and post-its not only made it far more digestible, but actually felt as though you were going along with the authors of the book.

The use of examples from the outset is so refreshing. Normally you have hundreds of pages of text and then a small, fictitious, poorly thought through example at the end. By using the real world, it brought the concepts into a far more usable, justifiable format which was very welcome.

Overall this book was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so in fact that I purchased the other two books mentioned, Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design!

Further information: Van Haren

February 2018