Computer Science Teacher

Beverly Clarke

Published by
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
ISBN 9781780173948
RRP £19.99
Reviewed by Jim McGhie CEng CITP

10 out of 10

Beverly Clarke’s book provides the knowledge and insight required to address computing in the classroom. It is intended for individuals interested in understanding how best to implement a successful and inclusive computing school curriculum. 

The first chapter provides an introduction to the topic by discussing the teaching of secondary computing science according to the English national curriculum and comparing this with that of other parts of the UK and USA.

The following chapter provides an insight into the role of the computer science teacher. Introducing the role and the associated responsibilities both in and out of the classroom and how to promote good relationships with work colleagues, pupils and parents.

Chapter three deals with the standards and available tools and methods available for teaching computer science. The chapter provides an explanation of the SFIA framework and the role of Ofsted in secondary education. There then follows a section covering various techniques which can be employed to support the teaching of the subject. A short chapter then follows covering career progression within a school environment.

Four case studies are provided in the following chapter aimed at illustrating the diverse nature of the school environments in which the subject can be taught. Each study ends with a reflective summary of the main points. A self-assessment section is also provided to allow the reader to test their understanding and to identify areas requiring further work.

The book contains a comprehensive glossary of terms along with a complete set of reference notes and associated follow up information. An index is also provided for readers wishing to read up on a particular aspect of the craft.

I award the book 10/10 for layout, coverage of the topic and the perceptive insight it provides.

Further information: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

March 2018