Growing yourself as a Leader

Brian Sutton and Robina Chatham

Published by
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
ISBN 9781780173917
RRP £9.99
Reviewed by A P Sutcliffe, MSc, MBCS

10 out of 10

We are told that “good things come in small packages”; and this BCS book is a classic example of this maxim. It’s a deceptively slim volume, but contains a great deal of valuable advice, distilled from the experiences of many leaders in business management and authored by two of the most influential writers in this field.

It might be thought that the book is aimed only at those people new to a leadership position, and certainly anyone in that situation would find it of enormous benefit. The text offers a great deal of wisdom, in short and simple terms that allow it to be easily understood and absorbed; and would help guide a newcomer through the maze of developing their capabilities.

However, it’s also suitable for those with more experience in management, as it highlights key factors and techniques that are important to consider when planning improvements in personal skillsets; and especially those characteristics that can make the difference between the people who are technically in charge, and the ones that are actually leading the way.

Throughout the book, there are numerous sections offering practical advice, with tips on how to put the guidance into action. It also offers links to external material, providing further insight into developing the personal attributes that are required for great leaders; and discusses easy techniques for implementing the required changes.

The text is written in a conversational style and this helps to make it more enjoyable and easy to read. Although it offers instruction on good practice, it also challenges the reader to think about their own skills and consider the effectiveness of those; and then about how to improve the existing talents as well as developing newer expertise.

It’s an excellent little book; I would strongly recommend it to anyone working in management.

Further information: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

June 2018