Practical Consultancy Ethics: Professional excellence for IT and management consultants

David Yardley

Published by
Kogan Page
ISBN 9780749478537
RRP £34.99
Reviewed by Denise Oram

8.5 out of 10

Attention to ethical behaviour in business has been slow on the uptake for a number of years and it is now becoming increasingly important with emphasis on transparency, accountability and trust in the field of business and IT management. Practical Consultancy Ethics is a timely and much needed book that makes a valuable contribution for IT and management consultants as well as use in education for future practitioners.

Ethics is a difficult subject to address and Dave Yardley presents a useful, wider understanding of ethics relating theory to practice in a way that is easily understood; explaining the benefits of ethical consultancy addressing ethical challenges, and providing methods of practical consultancy ethics.

The book is divided into 3 sections, Section 1: outlining the need for ethics, Section 2: covering the scope of consulting ethics, and Section 3: consulting and professional excellence. The introductory chapter provides an excellent rationale and essential foundational knowledge to the understanding and application of practical consultancy ethics for IT and management consultants.

The internal design and layout of the book are both excellent; from a readers perspective, the layout gives an excellent ‘view at a glance’ of what is covered in the chapters at the beginning of each one, with the inclusion of a good balance of text, diagrams, illustrations, tables, exercises, and case studies. There are also chapter summaries at the end of each chapter with useful questions for reflection and references to follow up.

Amongst other strengths of the book, is the application of theory to practice with supplementary diagrams to clarify issues, points and situations. The book includes practical dilemmas facing consultants on a day to day basis using relevant case studies as examples of how the ethical dilemmas might be approached. There is also useful knowledge on how other cultures approach management perspectives, which is another essential requirement in the current global business environment.

Due to the vast changing nature of business and technology, the currency of any case studies and tools are continually being updated, and a book of this nature needs to be mindful and inclusive of this. This is not an actual weakness of the book itself, but the ever changing technological world in which we currently live.

IT Consultants have an important role to play and this book is an essential guide to their practice, dealing with stakeholder needs at all levels of dealing with ethical dilemmas.

Practical Consultancy Ethics is a welcome addition to increase awareness, and strategies to deal with increasingly challenging ethical issues in business, and is a much needed and timely contribution to both education and practice of practical consultancy ethics.

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July 2018