Medallists of the Technology Awards 2006

BCS is proud to announce the medallists for the Technology Awards categories of its IT Professional Awards: 

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Workforce Management Solutions for the Real-Time Enterprise, Smart Human Logistics
Smart Data Collection is a real-time enterprise enabler within the workforce management sector. By providing a generic device adapter capable of collecting data from a myriad of devices in real-time, managers can monitor and manage employees with real-time information.

AppSense Application Manager, AppSense Ltd
Desktop, notebook and other endpoint environments can be disrupted by events that are malicious or inappropriate in nature. This disruption can result in system downtime, reduction in employee productivity, high support costs, even a direct loss of revenue.  AppSense Application Manager provides out-of-the-box protection against attacks and prevents unwanted applications from running, regardless of how they get to the endpoint.

Interactive Poster, Visual Planet
Shop windows, existing LCD and rear projection screens can now be made interactive instantly with a revolutionary new "foil" up to 100 inches across. ViP Interactive uses a transparent foil which can quickly and easily be attached to a window for a short term promotion or permanent use. ViP Interactive creates the possibility of presenting interactive information on an ordinary window giving 24 x 7 access to websites without the need for a computer. Graphics, film and data can be sent to the device via the Internet, enabling remote update of material. 

Enterprise Engineer 3.5, McLaren Software
McLaren's Enterprise Engineer (EE) Application Suite is an engineering-centric intellectual work management solution that optimizes engineering design and asset change management processes to maximize the value in engineering documents while mitigating the risk associated with their use. EE supports the engineering process by providing a single point of control to manage the production and use of project content. As a result, organizations can reduce costs, lower the risk of non-compliance, improve efficiency and accelerate project execution.

Services, Trexy Ltd
Stop searching for the same things twice. Remember your searches and the web pages you've visited by creating search trails. Search trails are the paths you create while searching on your favourite engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. The Trexy Trailbar helps you pinpoint information you've already found and works with over 3000 engines. You can create, remember and share your search trails using the Trexy Trailbar. It's free to use.

The COSMIC project has developed and brought to market a new, open, internationally standardized method of measuring software size based on its functional requirements. It is the first such method designed to measure business application, real-time and infrastructure software. Measurements of software size with the 'COSMIC-FFP' method may be used to determine software project performance parameters (e.g. productivity = size/effort) and such measures are being used successfully for estimating, especially early in the project life-cycle.

Two-Factor Two-Way AuthenticationTM, Alliance & Leicester plc
Alliance & Leicester plc are leading the UK financial services market with the introduction of Two-Factor Two-Way Authentication™. The software protects Alliance & Leicester's one million Internet Banking customers from the threat of online identity theft. Two-Factor authentication is achieved by noting the characteristics of the customer’s computer - making it an effective hardware token. Two-Way authentication, confirming to the customer that the site is genuine, is realized by displaying an image and phrase that is unique to the customer when logging in.

Core Web Security, Royal Bank of Scotland
A security application that allows the authenticated user the relevant access to the required web-based applications. It secures applications across both the intranet and the internet. For properly-authenticated intranet users it provides seamless access, at the right level, across one or more applications. The user population are administered and audited by local business teams, with a central security operation providing overall control.

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Quality Assurance for IPTV, BT Research and Venturing
BT has a strong tradition in developing world class perceptual quality measurement solutions. This project has developed a novel no reference perceptual quality metric for H.264 video. The metric has shown excellent predictive ability and correlations with subjective quality ratings well above 90% have been found. The project has deployed this perceptual quality metric to develop a quality assurance tool for profiling IPTV content. This project is now working on extending the capabilities of the QA tool.

RNLI Sea Safety System, Active Web Solutions Ltd
Working with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Active Web Solutions has developed an innovative satellite based safety system that automatically raises an alert when a vessel is in trouble or there is a man overboard situation. Together, the RNLI and AWS have created a technology solution that actively assists in preventing the needless loss of life at sea and helps to take the 'search' out of 'search and rescue'.

Sky by Broadband, ioko
Sky by Broadband is Europe's first legal movie download service. Existing subscribers can access two channels of on-demand content, Sports and Movies. The service allows millions of Sky customers to download movies and access, thousands of highlights, news and interviews from major sporting events such as premiership football and cricket. Customers are able to browse content using a client application that they can download and personalise. On request, the digital asset is downloaded to a user's PC over a private grid which uses secure peer-2-peer technology to overcome bandwidth restrictions.

Ireland Digital Tachograph Project, Intercede
The digital tachograph has been developed as part of a European road safety project. To comply with European Commission legislation, it will be mandatory for all Member State's goods and passenger transport vehicles to be equipped with electronic tachographs.  Intercede's MyID smart card and identity management system was chosen by the Ireland Department of Transport to replace outdated paper-based tachographs with an efficient, portable smart card. MyID manages the entire lifecycle of digital tachographs including: enrolment, processing of applications and ongoing management.

Social Contribution

StartHere, StartHere
StartHere has developed a self-help, electronic, signposting service built around the needs of the user. It is an accessible, easy to use starting point for anyone looking for information on a range of health, housing, education, employment, welfare and social issues. StartHere gives broad, top-level information, connecting people, simply and effectively, free of charge, to the specialist organisations and services, voluntary and statutory, national and local, that can help them most.

RegenTV, IBM UK Ltd
The RegenTV project aims to bridge the 'Digital Divide' by delivering access to computing and online services through the most common and familiar of access mechanisms - a television set. RegenTV delivers digital television in English and foreign languages, local Video on Demand, Internet access, email and portal services and access to PC applications using commodity hardware, Linux and Open Source Software at a fraction of the price of using traditional telecoms infrastructure.

IAGmanager, Reidmark and nextstep in Lancashire
Dismantling real and perceived barriers to accessing learning and work opportunities, placing priority on those people on the wrong side of the 'Learning Divide', was a focal point for the IAGmanager project, the first of its kind in the UK. The technology developed, ensures a joined up approach to the sharing of customer information arising from the day to day management of customers, providing a better customer service and the ability to concentrate on the customers needs.

Entente – Data on cancer incidence, prevalence & survival gets quality boost, Thames Cancer Registry
In 2005, Thames Cancer Registry (ThCR), Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Registry (MCCR) and North West Cancer Registry (NWCR) initiated a pilot programme - Entente - with InterSystems to transform raw data on cancer trends, prevention, and care into information so that it can be used more effectively by Primary Care Trusts, The Department of Health, Academics and other stakeholders. Entente therefore needed to enable the Registries to ensure meaningful and timely data collection and analysis. Using Entente, MCCR, ThCR and NWCR now manage larger volumes of electronic data.