JavaScript: Creating Dynamic Web Pages

Elizabeth Gandy and Simon Stobart

Publisher Lexden Publishing
ISBN 978-1-904995-07-4
RRP £20
Reviewed by Uma Devi Kanagaratnam MBCS
Score 8 out of 10

JavaScript: Creating Dynamic Web Pages This is an excellent book for beginners to JavaScript. Its step by step guide allows the reader to develop their web design skill as they progress through the book. Sample codes provided allow the reader to experiment.

The book introduces the readers to some of the tools available for dynamic web development, flow of control, how to create functions, data manipulation and navigation. Each heading is explained well to the reader.

In chapter 2 the authors give the readers a flavour of the available tools by explaining and providing examples starting by the basic use of notepad followed by PHPEdit to the more sophisticated Dreamweaver MX. They also discuss the various issues identified when using different browsers. This is particularly useful for beginners to understand that different browsers do not necessarily implement the approved technology.

On the whole it would have been more helpful to have provided the sample source code and PHPEdit on a CD together with the book, rather than the reader having to download it from a website (instructions included in the book). The note section and summary perhaps should have been colour coded to distinguish them from the rest of the book.

The book is simple to understand with its explanations and examples. Furthermore it is easy to read. This book fulfils its objective as an excellent and valuable resource to its intended audience, enthusiastic beginners, who are exploring JavaScript.