Creative 3-D Display and Interaction Interfaces

Barry G Blundell, Aada J Schwarz

Publisher Wiley
ISBN 978-0-471-48271-0
RRP £55.95
Reviewed by Patrick Purcell FBCS
Score 8 out of 10

Creative 3D Displays In the repertoire of human skills, both creative three-dimensional design and the visualisation of complex objects must be amongst the most challenging human processes, either to model, to augment or to engage with in any form, by the relevant display and interaction technologies. This book combines both topics. 

Given the complementary human/technology character of the book’s theme, the authors closely juxtapose a detailed account of human processes and the associated technologies devised to augment the execution of both creative design and visualization.

The fact that the processes of creative design crucially involve human vision, gesture and haptics, accounts for the extensive space given to these phenomena in the book’s coverage of interaction interfaces.
The chapters on perception, object depiction and the history of perspective in art are an interesting precursor to the rounded account of today's visual display technologies, including stereoscopic displays, electro-holography and both virtual and mixed reality systems.

The subtitle of the book ‘A Trans-Disciplinary Approach’ is reflected in the broad coverage given to the human-centred and technology-centred disciplines that together make up the table of contents.

The trans-disciplinary ethos is also reflected in the systematic organisation of the individual chapters embodying in each chapter elements of recapitulation, main statements, discussions and end-sections which consist of lists of suggested investigations. Such organization of material and diversity of content will appeal especially to the academic syllabus that practices the trans-disciplinary educational approach.

As one might expect in a book of this kind, the language and treatment will make it equally accessible to science, technology and humanities graduates, whether they are researchers in the area of scientific applications or are designers wishing to gain insights into the technology of their area of creative applications.

The text of each chapter throughout the book is adorned by a sequence of quotations, aphorisms and illustrations from a wide variety of poets, scientists, savants and artists including Albert Einstein, Lewis Carroll, Shakespeare, Coleridge Taylor and Leonardo da Vinci.