Business Success through Service Excellence

Moira Clark and Susan Baker

Publisher Elsevier
ISBN 978-0-7506-6085-3
RRP £23.75
Reviewed by Peter Wheatcroft FBCS
Score 9 out of 10

Business Success through Service Excellence Much of the emphasis in IT publications is on either processes such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) or how to better manage IT/business alignment. There is comparatively little published about what really makes a difference to the perception of IT, namely quality of service, so it is good to come across a book that covers this

This publication defines and quantifies the service experience, that intangible but vital ingredient that makes a customer sufficiently happy to return to the supplier. It is jargon-free and written by two lecturers at Cranfield School of Management, one of whom is a judge in the long standing Unisys/Management Today Service Excellence Awards process.

The book covers the issues facing service delivery from the perspective of these awards. Whilst these awards are not specifically for IT, a number of IT companies have succeeded in them by embracing the principles of outstanding service delivery instead of more introspective debates about process quality or user incompetence.
The theme is how to go about achieving service excellence, providing ideas on how to do so. The book has lots of case studies to stimulate the imagination, and they are British rather than American for a change. Recommended reading for anyone needing a change from ITIL®.