C# and Game Programming – A Beginner's Guide (2nd edition)

Salvatore A. Buono

Publisher A K Peters
ISBN 978-1-56881-236-6
Reviewed by Rob Neil
Score 8 out of 10

C# and Game Programming This is an excellent book providing a thorough introduction to Games Programming with C#. It is not intended though for someone new to programming or the novice learner as a fresh university / college student. It assumes programming experience and provides a step by step approach of how one can develop games using C#.

It is a very good guide for someone who wants to experiment with games programming, but has not got the time to attend a formal training course. In this respect the book provides excellent chapter summaries and self assessment questions that aim to review the tricky parts of each chapter and prompt the learner for further practice.

In the spirit of serving the experienced developer the Object Orient Design section provides a very good guide of how you use C# code to games programming rather than an introduction to OO design.

The accompanying CD provides an ample selection of examples of code and should prove extremely useful to those readers who want to reuse to experiment further in their own game adventures.

Overall a very good book for someone has wants to experiment with games after they have been exposed to programming for a while. Also good for the more advanced computer games students.