Cross-Platform .net Development

MJ Easton and Jason King

Publisher Apress
ISBN 978-1-59059-330-1
RRP US$39.99
Reviewed by Mihai Caramihai
Score 10 out of 10

Cross-Platform .net Development This book is dedicated to computer professionals interested in increasing their skills with Microsoft cross-platform development structure, .NET. Built on internet standards, .NET can be an interesting tool to create software using preferred languages and development instruments

The book covers the three most popular .NET implementations:
1. Microsoft .NET;
2. Mono;
3. Portable.NET.

All the case studies and examples are written in C# and modeled in UML. Moreover, by comparing three different .NET implementations, the authors demonstrate a variety of .NET aspects running on GNU/Linux, Windows, and OS X Platforms.
The authors say that the book ought to be read before the start of the ‘first cross-platform .NET project’ to establish a solid foundation for any further development in the field.
After an introduction to the .NET architecture (chapter 1), the authors describe how to install working Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) onto Windows Server 2003, GNU/Linux and OS X (Mac) and different cross-platform pitfalls (chapters 2 and 3). An example is presented in order to prove the 'basic cross-platform features' of .NET.

Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7 describe the functionality of the working structures, the options for creating and using cross-platform GUI applications (including cross-platform database applications based on MySQL server) and of course, how to write good native code.

Chapter 8 is also dedicated to interoperability and how to link Java to .NET using IKVM (i.e. a Java Virtual Machine written in .NET).

Finally, chapter nine, entitled 'Testing and Building Strategies', presents best practice in developing professional software and chapter ten discuss about the future of .NET as a cross-platform technology.

The book offers a new perspective for a topic which is both actual and widely used – as is the .NET platform – and underlines the powerful solution to develop internet-enabled applications.