SharePoint 2003 User's Guide

Seth Bates and Tony Smith

Publisher Apress
ISBN 978-1-59059-514-5
RRP US$34.99
Reviewed by Brendan Murphy MBCS
Score 8 out of 10

SharePoint 2003 User’s Guide This book is targeted at a wide readership form the novice user through to advanced users of the product. It is split into two parts.

The first concentrates on the basics of the technology, acting as a reference guide which can be dipped into as required. The second part of the book provides a number of chapters relating to typical business scenarios that SharePoint can assist with. These help kick start thinking into how on can best use the technology.

The book is a fairly factual read and does not employ excessive use of images, though the step by step guide to completing actions makes up for this in the richness and ease of explanation.

SharePoint is made up of components and finding and using these effectively can be a challenge. The book makes a good attempt to categorize these by providing screen dump examples supported by accompying tables explaining the components used in the example. This works well.

Good information and advice is provided throughout relating to the integration of SharePoint with other members of the Microsoft family – this is particularly useful for the majority of readers who are likely to be integrating SharePoint with one or all of the applications in the Microsoft Office suite.

Useful information is also provided into using SharePoint with InfoPath 2003, the new Microsoft Forms application. Again this is useful as a realistic potential use of SharePoint in a business environment is likely to be the management of electronic forms.

In the second part of the book each of the scenarios is well explained. Each chapter starts with business examples of how each scenario can be applied followed by a very thorough walkthrough of a typical implementation.

Overall this is a very good book. It may be slightly ambitious for absolute beginners, although for them it could complement a simpler guide.

For the intermediate to advanced user the book is highly recommended.