Understanding Enterprise SOA

Eric Pulier, Hugh Taylor

Publisher Manning Publications
ISBN 978-1-932394-59-7
RRP $39.95
Reviewed by Jim McGhie CEng MBCS
Score 7 out of 10

UnderstandingEntSOA This comprehensive book deals with the topic of interconnecting disparate IT systems in two distinct parts.

Part 1 provides an appraisal of current techniques and their pitfalls before moving on to explain in depth the advances in programming languages and web services that can greatly simplify the task. It also highlights the hidden security dangers in employing XML, SOAP, WDSL and UDDI which are the key components in implementing web services.

This part also deals with running an Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture  (SOA) and the problems that can emerge in an unmanaged service architecture.

Part 2 deals with the people and business processes that can be affected through an organization moving to a more loosely coupled IT solution to deliver services.

Both parts are connected by means of a case study featuring an insurance company merging its own legacy technology and processes with that of an acquired organisation in order to illustrate how the use of web services and transitioning to an SOA could simplify coupling the two organizations’ systems and services.

There is a practical hands-on tone to the book which is not only refreshing, but also gives the reader impression that the authors have first-hand experience in solving the problems discussed, as well as being skilled in ensuring the establishment of best practices and in SOA implementation planning. 

The book will be of considerable interest to project managers and architectural designers with a need to grasp the subject at a systems and business process level. No code examples or similar lower level detail is provided in the book. Nevertheless, I consider the book good value for money for the amount of detailed information and practical assistance it provides.

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