Pro Apache

Peter Wainwright

Publisher Apress Press
ISBN 978-1-59059-300-4
RRP $49.99
Reviewed by Peter Daly CEng MBCS
Score 8 out of 10

ProApacheWant to set yourself up as an ISP? Build yourself a Linux or Windows box, get a broadband connection and buy this book. It's well written and informative about all aspects of installing, configuring the Apache HTTP Server and easily readable by the beginner or more experienced user alike.

Pro Apache gives clear instructions about setting up multiple web sites, improving the performance of Apache and tips and techniques for improving the security of the sites hosted. The configuration section is particularly good with a comprehensive description of Containers and how they nest.

There is a section on extending apache with several examples, including PHP and mod_perl but not, curiously, any database engine. However, the biggest downside to the book is that the appendixes (sic) - all ten of them and running to some 81 pages - are not in the book itself but are available for download from the Apress website.

I can see why this is the case for some of these, for example, the list of useful RCFs or details of variants of Apache, but others would have been better placed as real appendices – Directives by Module and Directives by Name to name just two.

It's hard to imagine what took place at the meeting to decide on this strategy and demerits the book by two points. Overall, though, it’s a useful reference companion to have on the bookshelf.

Further information: Apress