Killer Presentations

Nicholas B. Oulton

Publisher How To Books
ISBN 978-1-84528-040-6
RRP £14.99
Reviewed by Graham Clayton
Score 7 out of 10

KillerPresent It is important to understand that if you want to learn about PowerPoint, Killer Presentations is not the book for you. The author explains the kind of thinking which should underpin any presentation; the choice of software is secondary.

Oulton speaks with authority. He and his company, m62, have spent around 10 years helping people to improve their presentations duringof which he has been involved with 3,000 presentations. The powerful communication skills he has built up are also evident in the book, which is broken into five sections, each with a brief summary at the end.

The key underlying theme is how poor presentations can be improved by shifting the focus from the presenter to the audience. After an introduction and a section on PowerPoint, the book examines structure, content, design and delivery in detail.

The author's background in sales and marketing means that he takes most examples from this area. It would have been interesting to see how his techniques could be applied to different areas such as delivering an academic lecture. It is also daunting to look at some of the presentations that his company has produced and realize that they can only be created by highly skilled designers.

The book includes web links to presentations featuring the author himself in the top-left corner talking the viewer through the presentation, which occupies the greater part of the screen. Unfortunately this valuable addition is undermined by a number of broken links which still remained, even after a reminder from me, the reviewer.

This book has something for anyone who regularly gives presentations. While most readers will not be able to match the style and sophistication of the slides that m62 produce, they will gain valuable insights into how to win over an audience.

Further information: How To Books website