ASP Web Development with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004

Rachel Andrew and Rob Turnbull

Publisher Apress
ISBN 978-1-59059-349-3
RRP US$39.99
Reviewed by Dr Mark Taylor
Score 7 out of 10

ASPWebWithDreamweaver This book provides a thorough introduction to Dreamweaver MX 2004, clearly describing its features, and the changes made to the previous version of Dreamweaver.

In particular, the book addresses how web standards such as cascading style sheets and XHTML are supported by Dreamweaver MX 2004, and the accessibility features of the product.

The main thrust of the book is about how Dreamweaver MX 2004 supports ASP for developing dynamic web applications.

Perhaps the main shortcoming of the book is that it does not cover functionality, and purely covers VBScript scripting language for ASP.

However, for developers working on ASP-based applications using VBScript it does provide a through and easy to follow description of the process involved.

More information: Apress