Drafting and Negotiating Computer Contracts (second edition)

By Rachel Burnett and Paul Klinger

Publisher Tottel Publishing
ISBN 978-1-84592-024-1
RRP £175
Reviewed by Reviewer: Eur Ing Rob Neil FBCS CITP
Score 7 out of 10

NegotiatingComputerContracts If you were to sum up this book in one word, it would be ‘comprehensive’.  Starting with a useful introduction to relevant law and the basic principles of contract negotiation, it quickly moves on to IT specifics, such as software licensing, escrow services, DR, and maintenance and support agreements. 

It is also quite readable – no mean feat by the authors considering the subject matter.

Each subject area is more than adequately supported by example contract clauses, each backed up with thorough explanation. In addition, there are complete agreements included for every topic covered, both in printed form and, usefully, on an accompanying CD. 

I can see this book being valuable to two distinct groups: the generalist lawyer who needs authoritative information on particular aspects of contracting in the IT environment and the IT manager who requires an understanding of the legal framework that the profession operates within. In either case, this volume is an invaluable resource.

It is an expensive purchase, so will not appear on everyone's bookshelves but if you require a thorough grounding in the black arts of contracting for IT goods or services, it may be worth the financial outlay.

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