Business-focused IT

David Miller

Publisher IT Dynamics
ISBN 978-0-9551296-0-5
RRP £11.99
Reviewed by Phil Davies FBCS CITP
Score 6 out of 10

BusinessIT The author begins by suggesting that IT departments should strive to develop a brand awareness within their organizations. To illustrate this point, Miller provides examples of non-IT companies that have successfully raised their image without improving the core service.

He proposes that emphasis must be placed on marketing the IT service within an organization, arguing that to be viewed as successful any service has to be marketed.

Arranged in three sections, Business-focused IT is a summary of how the author's company has helped organizations raise the profile and effectiveness of IT departments.

To gain an understanding of the perception of services within an organization, various charts and templates are suggested to enable IT managers to periodically assess the views of stakeholders.

Useful chapters briefly dealt with programme management, programme recovery and service management

Business-focused IT is a short book of around 15,000 words which falls somewhere between an easy-to-read textbook and company promotional literature. This is apparent through the author frequently explaining how his company would deal with particular issues and ending with a sales pitch.

The book would be useful for new IT managers or managers who have entered IT via another discipline and require help. It would not be particularly useful for experienced IT managers with a successful track record.