Focal Easy Guide to Macromedia Flash 8

Birgitta Hosea

Publisher Focal Press
ISBN 978-0-240-51998-2
RRP £15.99
Reviewed by Dr Beran Necat
Score 8 out of 10

FocalMacromedia Flash has been widely used primarily on creating vector graphics, animation and interactivity for web based systems that do a lot of multimedia projects. So, if you are keen to get involved with developing for the web, it is vital you learn about Flash.

This book is based on Macromedia Flash 8 and is written in a textbook style format. It is intended for an audience with no previous knowledge, but is also a very useful reference for professionals, web designers, and students who wish to become familiar with using this state of the art package, both in theory and in practice and who want to quickly and easily look up topics and create web pages using flash objects.

Birgitta Hosea uses step-by-step instructions with great visuals that explain the practical techniques you need to create superb finished projects, making it very easy to understand.

She applies Flash to real-life situations and demonstrates how to create and edit objects, incorporate interactive elements, the use of sound, animation of objects, and delivering the finished product online.

There is a solid style and structures throughout that enable you to refer to the relevant areas when working on a project, or work straight through to gain a deeper knowledge of the program's capabilities and broaden your skills.

Another important attribute of the book is that it does not baffle you with the complexities of learning action script (a language similar to visual basic) but still enables you to fulfil a wide range of tasks. 

This is one of the better-written books I've come across lately. It explores Flash 8 to its full potential. The fluent style and Birgitta’s obvious extensive knowledge and experience on the subject account for an extremely smooth flow to the book.

It's a must-have reference for both beginners and serious Flash developers. I encourage you to read it, even if you're well acquainted with Flash and its new and old concepts. This book is well worth the £15.99 price tag.