Human-Computer Interaction

Serengul Smith-Atakan

Publisher Thomson
ISBN ISBN: 978-1-84480-454-2
RRP £19.99
Reviewed by Deryn Graham FBCS
Score 6 out of 10

HCI The title of this book seems a little old fashioned, the latest buzzwords being interaction design, referring more to products as well as computers. The focus of this text book is very much on the human side of HCI.

An accompanying website is provided with a link to the 'booksit' for further teaching and learning material for lecturers and students. In essence, the book and website appear to be the lecture material of the author, with Learning Outcomes (LOs) given at the start of each chapter.

The book is not really stand-alone, with chapter examples requiring online access. The LOs and review questions are strengths for any lecturer adopting this book, but the overall structure and order of topics are a little peculiar however, not quite as expected.

The bibliography includes references to books by; Dix, Preece, Nielson, Norman, and Sneiderman, et al, but I suspect that at least some of these authors greatly influence this book.

The book gives a reasonable introduction to HCI for undergraduate students and is probably particularly good for the students of the author taking this course. However, I feel that there are already several stronger books out there that Smith-Atakan herself refers to, that more competently fulfil the requirements of the task. This book is unlikely to be any real competition and contributes nothing new to the subject matter.

At £19.99 this book does however offer value for money.