Internet Measurement: Infrastructure, Traffic and Applications

Mark Crovella, Balachander Krishnamurthy

Publisher Wiley
ISBN 978-0-470-01461-5
RRP £34.99
Reviewed by Kawal Banga MBCS
Score 9 out of 10

InternetMeasure Despite the internet being very important, many measures are simply absent, claim the authors of Internet Measurement. They also say that special statistical treatment is needed for some aspects of measuring the internet, a comment that is sure to put some readers off, but read on.

The book covers three types of measurement, with a chapter on each:

  • Infrastructure, for example routers, links, network connectivity, bandwidth,
    packet loss, packet delay;
  • Traffic, for example packets, bytes, flows, and sessions;
  • Key applications - DNS, web, peer-to-peer and networked games.

For each of these, there are sections on what to measure, challenges, tools and methods and the current state of the art. There are two separate chapters on topics that cover multiple areas: methods for preserving anonymity and privacy whilst conducting measurement, and ways in which internet measurements can be used to aid internet security.

In addition to a useful introductory chapter on internet architecture, there is a chapter with case studies showing examples of artefacts related to internet measurement and also a concluding chapter on future trends and challenges in the field of internet measurement. The authors also make reference to the annual Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), which has been running since 2001 (, and is clearly a useful source of information.

The book is well structured and the qualitative sections of the book are highly readable. Non-mathematicians may struggle with some of the mathematical content, but there is sufficient content not requiring a detailed understanding of the mathematics. Besides, one would expect those who are really keen on the subject matter to be highly numerate.

The book would be useful to anyone interested in internet traffic and load measurement, network design and management, and also for those interested in internet or network security, whether they be practitioners or students of the subject matter.

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