Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003

Sue Mosher with Robert Sparnaaij, Charlie Puffer and David Hooker

Publisher Elsevier Digital Press 
ISBN 978-1-55558-326-2
RRP £29.99
Reviewed by Len Keighley FBCS
Score 8 out of 10

FuzzyLogic The function of this book is to provide the PC network administrator or help desk with reference material for the configuration and deployment of Microsoft Outlook 2003 across their respective networks. 

The contents have been designed to cover implementing Outlook environments with any email server but there are a couple of specific chapters that deal with the Microsoft Exchange email server.

The book brings together in a single reference the multiplicity of areas where Outlook settings can be stored, for example in the Windows Registry, the user profiles and in the Outlook data store itself.

A fair amount of pre-existing knowledge and skills are required to be on hand but none that could not be expected to be present in any network administrator or help desk. In addition, the book also recommends a number of other tools that can be downloaded, probably for free, from various websites.

The book consists of nine chapters and four appendices covering various aspects of file and configuration settings throughout the package, with specific emphasis on security and locking down facilities to prevent user operation.

Also included are details of how user data and configuration settings can be transferred to new machines. The appendices do also provide a comprehensive coverage of the Registry settings for Outlook 2003. Included in the book are also a number of ‘un-documented’ settings for the Microsoft Exchange Server and their use in controlling Outlook 2003.

The book does represent good value for someone having to administer an Outlook 2003 user community. However, as the book itself puts forward, it is not a 'soup to nuts' facility and there will be other reference materials required.

More information: Elsevier Digital Press