Data Model Patterns

David Hay

Publisher Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN 978-1-84354-330-5
RRP £34.99
Reviewed by Darren McDonald MBCS
Score 7 out of 10

DataModelPatterns Metadata, data about data, explains exactly how fields in a database relate to each other, business logic, and the real world.

'Data Model Patterns: A Metadata Map' takes you through metadata and how to implement it into the Zachman Framework in an astonishing amount of detail.

The first few chapters give you good foundation in basic metadata concepts and the use of the Zachman framework, but you might find it difficult to absorb the rest of the book. This is because it often feels like there is a lot of repetition, I often found myself wondering if I had reread a chapter a dozen times already.

But it is the latter chapters that deal with the detail of the implementation of the Zachman framework which really are the meat of the book, and would act as a rather impressive reference. In fact, next time I set about creating metadata, that’s exactly how I intend to use the book.

For all its faults this book has made me reconsider metadata to be more than a buzzword for a one thousand page data dictionary. So if you are designing a database system, I recommend getting a copy.

Having a copy of this book at your side next time you start mapping out the meaning behind the data on your system will allow you to consider all of the angles of metadata. However, do not be surprised when you find the book a little hard to swallow whole.

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