Beginning Ajax with

Wallace B. McClure, Scott Cate, Paul Glavich, Craig Shoemaker

Publisher Wrox
ISBN 978-0-471-78544-6
RRP £25.99
Reviewed by Simon Clarke CEng FBCS CITP
Score 9 out of 10

beginningajax This book is intended mainly for developers who are familiar with ASP.NET 2.0 but wish to learn Ajax. The style of the book is very practical, with many source code examples and screenshots. The reader is walked through the example code in a step by step, click-this, type-that fashion. The server code is written in C# and the client code is written in JavaScript. The source code examples can be downloaded from the publisher's website.

The book divides into three main sections. The first introduces the techniques that support Ajax: DHTML, JavaScript, XML, JSON and XMLHttpRequest. Much of this material may be familiar to existing web developers.

The second section mainly describes how Ajax is supported by ASP.NET, particularly the use of script callbacks. A number of third-party client and server support libraries are described. These include Ajax.NET, Sarrisa, MagicAjax and Anthem.NET.

The last section gives an overview of Microsoft’s Atlas framework for Ajax. It describes Atlas scripting, controls and integration with ASP.NET. There are useful web links for further Atlas resources. The book concludes with a good, general section on debugging Ajax on both the client and server sides. This includes descriptions on debugging for both the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

The book is good value for money. It provides a complete, detailed and very comprehensive introduction to Ajax under ASP.NET. The publisher's website has good support, with the source-code examples, details of errata and a blog for the book’s readers. I recommended it.

More information: Wrox