Risk Management for IT Projects

Bennet Lientz, Lee Larssen

Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN 978-0-12-370534-1
RRP £29.99
Reviewed by Elias Pimenidis MBCS
Score 10 out of 10

riskmanagementforitprojects This is an excellent book covering the topic of risk management very thoroughly. It discusses all issues of risks from the project manager's perspective and offers advice as to how to handle risks in each case.

The authors address risks at different phases of an IT project and use their considerable experience to propose ways of resolving risk issues at all levels and points of a project's lifecycle.

In very simple steps the authors offer analyses of each risk case by taking the reader through all the way from the early stages of detecting a risk to devising contingency and prevention plans.

In their analysis and discussion of the various risk types the authors use their considerable experience to classify risks according to their sources (external or internal) and proceed by discussing in different groups.

One of the most valuable features of the book is the section called ‘action and prevention’. This appears in the discussion of every one of the 150 issues and risks discussed, providing the authors' proven experience with actions they have undertaken in similar situations and outcomes achieved.

The book is written in simple language, combining scientific terminology and charts, with common sense approaches and diagrams showing the use of widely used professional tools.

It is a valuable resource for both the new aspiring manager as well as the experienced and mature project professionals who seek the reassurance of a simple and reliable reference book. It offers excellent value for money.

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