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Sketch of London's Big BenYPG ProNetworking - IT in Government

Thurs 22nd February 2007 18:00-21:00
BCS, 1st Floor, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA

The YPG ProNetworking Event Series provide a unique opportunity for members to participate in a discussion on the most current IT topics with a panel of industry specialists. The series also provide the chance for members to share and expand their experiences with likeminded professionals.

Government IT projects is a topic which has gained increasing interest in recent years as a result of several large and expensive projects being launched. The two issues chosen for discussion are:

E-Borders - A £400m programme to track and screen all travellers entering and leaving the UK. What challenges does a project of this size bring?

Outsourcing - Many government projects are outsourced to external companies both in the UK and abroad. What is the impact of this business approach on the government and the UK IT industry?

Further information and booking details will be published shortly on the YPG website.