The actor paradigm is gaining traction in programming for its scalability, caused by a decoupling of communication and synchronisation. The Abstract Behavioural Specification language (ABS) explores these properties in a formally defined modelling language, which supports the modelling of resource-sensitive distributed systems.

ABS has been used to model and analyse systems in domains spanning from virtualisation, cloud, and mutlicore computing to railways and logistics. In this talk, we introduce the language and its notion of resources, show some examples, and discuss how its semantics, based on asynchronous communication, affect the design of analysis techniques for models in ABS.


SpeakerEinar Broch Johnsen, University of Oslo, Norway -  


Refreshments will be available from 5.15pm. The talk will start at 6pm.

ABS: Modeling and analysis with resource-sensitive actors - FACS
Date and time
9 April, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
Ground Floor
25 Copthall Avenue