Starting with a broad overview of AMD’s history, where AMD are heading with their cutting-edge new CPU, fabrication architecture, product lines and finally their road map. The content will be of particular interest to those on CS courses paying particular attention to the Zen architecture that started 2-3 years ago. It will cover design and implementation from mobile to desktop and workstation to server.


Attendees interested in CPU design and the future of ‘Many Core (hundred/thousand core)’ systems will find this presentation extremely rewarding. Attendees will be able to dig deep from a technical perspective with Q&A opportunities offered.




Speaker: Sam Smallwood




Speaker Bio:

Sam Smallwood comes from the GPU side of AMD’s business originally but moved into the CPU arm of the business to help AMD’s customers understand what this technology can offer their businesses.




 Guidance / Notes:

The Fusion Building is in the center of the BU Talbot campus, it is the big white round modern building.


Parking is available. All BU car parks (with the exception of the overflow car park) are free and unrestricted after 17:00 so park in any suitable space for the event duration.


Anyone with an interest in the subject is welcome.

Refreshments/tea/coffee will be provided.




This event is brought to you by the BCS Dorset Branch, in association with BCS Hampshire Branch - visit the website here:

 AMD Zen CPU Architecture - from Naples to Rome - Dorset Branch
Date and time
25 March, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Bournemouth University
Inspire Lecture Theatre (Fusion Building, 1st Floor)
Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow
BH12 5BB