Joint event between Consultancy specialist group and Northern Ireland branch.


  • Peter Leeson, Culture and Transformation Coach, Chartered Quality Professional with over 45 years of international experience (every continent except South America), author of “Orchestrated Knowledge” and an implementation guide to ISO14001:2015.
  • Paul Hookham, IT Delivery and Project Management Specialist with nearly 50 years in both operations and applications development working with some of the world’s most demanding customers.


18:25 - Join the webinar with your connection details
18:30 - Webinar starts with BCS & CMI/IC notices
18.40 - Speaker’s presentation, questions & discussion
20:00 - Webinar ends


Many theories of management have been published, gone into fashion and fallen out again. Most have some value, none of them are always the right approach whatever the context. What are the lessons to be learnt from former trends? What is needed for effective management and leadership in the 21st century, in a post-pandemic world? Can we afford to continue leading and managing our teams tomorrow in the same way we did yesterday?

The presentation focuses on the changing frontiers for knowledge and information workers, at every level of management (self management, team leader, project manager, CEO...)

About the speakers

Peter LeesonPeter Leeson MBCS, CQP/MCQI
With over 45 years of experience in IT and 25 in consulting, Peter is a recognised international speaker at conferences, a coach and a consultant. For some years, he was an auditor, then decided that compliance, standards and processes were only tools and he moved into supporting organisations in delivering high-quality using what worked best for the culture of the organisation, or influencing the culture to improve effectiveness.

Paul HookhamPaul Hookham
Paul has worked as a senior executive, both permanent and interim, in Financial Services, Retail and Telecoms sectors, almost exclusively in IT Delivery. I believe that people do their best work in a supported and trusted environment where they are encouraged to innovate and empowered to make informed decisions. I am also a Master Practitioner of NLP, a certified coach and published author.

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Webinar: IT Management: Past, Present and Future
Date and time
9 February, 6:25pm - 8:00pm