2022 key criteria

Crucially, the vendor must clearly demonstrate a commitment to workplace diversity as well as IT excellence. They will have set up schemes to encourage and promote equality amongst staff, with opportunities provided to the most talented individuals regardless of their personal attributes or beliefs.

The organisation will be able to demonstrate a solid record of both innovation (whether that's in their products, working practises or processes) and investment in the UK IT industry. Evidence of youth training and recruitment programmes, and charitable works will also be considered.

The awards in this category will be judged against four key criteria:

Entrants should provide:

A maximum 500-word explanation for how they meet each of the four criteria, plus a maximum 250- word summary of why they believe they should win this award.

Each entry, therefore, requires:

  • Organisational overview (80 words), which can be used for PR purposes
  • Four sections detailing achievements against each of the four criteria above (up to 500 words each)
  • A summary statement (up to 250 words)

All sections of the form must be completed.