Here’s some tips to get you started:

  1. Submit your application as early as possible
  2. Where possible, have some school experience to draw upon in your application- this will demonstrate commitment and give you real examples to write about
  3. Choose your reference carefully. Ideally, you’ll want them to be able to comment on your subject knowledge. Suitable referees include; recent lecturers, extended school experience staff, employers etc.
  4. Proof read!!

Your personal statement

  • Be clear and concise, this will make it easier for those assessing your application
  • Demonstrate that you are aware of a range of topic areas and Key Stages
  • Clearly outline how your experience makes you suitable for training to teach
  • Are you a career changing? The expertise and credibility you gain from working in industry gives you an enormous opportunity to deliver relevant and exciting computing lessons. This can help you stand out!
  • Proof read your statement and get others to read it too, having a fresh pair of eyes look over your statement before you submit your application is really helpful
  • Your personal statement should include relevant information such as:
    • Experience working with young people
    • Any teaching experience
    • Subject knowledge
    • A discussion of transferable skills that you can bring to teaching- organisational skills, multi-tasking and being analytical and accountable are all important traits when it comes to teaching
    • Background of why you want to teach - get your passion for teaching and the subject across

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