Any examinations that have been sat will continue to be processed as usual. For any examinations affected up to and including 23 March 2020 12pm GMT, you will have been notified by email of the postponement. 

The following examinations are continuing as planned as of 23 March 2020 12pm GMT

Monday AM:

  • IT Project Management - Johannesburg, Abuja, Lagos
  • Programming Paradigms - Accra, Abuja, Lagos 

Monday PM:

  • Programming Paradigms - Accra, Abuja, Johannesburg, Lagos

Tuesday AM:

  • Database Systems - Lagos,  Mutare
  • Computer Services Management - Accra, Port Harcourt, Lagos 

Tuesday PM:

  • Web Engineering - Lagos

However, given the fast occurring nature of the pandemic, we would recommend contacting your venue ahead of leaving for your examination to confirm the arrangements. Should your planned examination be postponed, BCS will be in contact with next steps.

All affected students registered to sit in March 2020 will be transferred to September 2020.

Students will automatically receive their exam registration letter once BCS opens the exam registration period in June for the next session, which is due to take place in September 2020. All fees paid in relation to exams will be transferred to September 2020. 

September 2020 examination

We are also making all current HEQ exam modules available for the September 2020 session.

September 2020 timetable

New modules and retired modules

Additionally, regarding the retirement and release of new modules we are amending the dates for the four retired HEQ modules to the September 2020 examination session. To allow for the final sitting, the new modules will now be available at the March 2021 sitting. The supporting documentation, syllabi and sample examination papers, for the new modules will continue to be available in British Spring time 2020 as planned. 

We appreciate your understanding.