With the unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic, the health and wellbeing of our students, training providers, colleagues and staff is paramount.

We have been closely monitoring developments in each country where BCS Higher Education Qualifications are delivered. We expect examination sessions from the May 2021 sitting onwards to revert to a normal schedule.

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19 and localised lockdowns, BCS will confirm transfer requests after the May exam sitting has closed.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What if I’m sitting a module that is being retired?

Please note: the following HEQ modules are being retired at the end of the May exam session:

  • Realising the User Interface
  • IT Service Management
  • Principles of User Interface Design
  • Knowledge Based Systems

If you are unable to sit your exam due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, please continue to request a transfer and special considerations may be made.

However, if you are able to sit the examination in this sitting, please continue to do so.

What's happening with the May 2021 examinations in Mauritius?

With regards to the evolving COVID-19 situation in Mauritius and the announcement by the government that they intend to extend lockdown until the end of April, it is with great regret that BCS, following a directive from MES, has cancelled the HEQ examinations in Mauritius which were due to begin on 4 May 2021. We have contacted all students concerned to let them know the situation.

We are working with our representative in Mauritius to ensure a smooth transition to future examination sessions, and more information concerning this will be published in due course. In the meantime our team are working to minimise disruption to students and we will update all stakeholders as soon as we possibly can.

When will I receive my results from May 2021 sitting?

Results will be issued in August 2021.

Due to COVID-19 I was unable to sit my exam, what happens now?

All candidates who notified BCS that they were unable to sit their exam due to COVID-19 will be transferred to the next available examination session. All fees paid in relation to exams will be automatically transferred to the next examination session.

When will the next exam sitting take place?

This is currently scheduled for the beginning of October 2021. A timetable for this examination session, stating which modules available and when, is published on our website.

What is the deadline for requesting a transfer to an alternative exam session?

14 days from receipt of your exam registration letter.

Will I receive a refund if my exam is cancelled?

No, you will be transferred to the next examination sitting. You will receive your exam registration letter once BCS closes the registration period for the next session. All fees paid in relation to exams will be transferred to the next examination session. A timetable for the October 2021 examination session, stating which modules available and when, is available on our website.