Contact details

ESOFT Metro Campus Kandy Branch
No. 447, Peradeniya Road
Sri Lanka

Tel: 081-2204400
Tel: +94 11 7 555 550 / +94 11 2 553 883 / +94 77 309 0 301
Fax: +94 11 2 500 934
Contact: Dimuthu Thammitage, Assistant General Manager +94 77 3 785 338

Course details

Mode: Full time (BCS Plus) and part time
Start Date: April

Modules offered

Certificate (BCS Level 4 Certificate in IT)

Units Full time Part time
Information systems Yes Yes
Software development Yes Yes
Computer and network technology Yes Yes


Diploma (BCS Level 5 Diploma in IT)

Units Full time Part time
Professional issues in IS practice (Core unit) Yes Yes
Computer networks Yes Yes
Database systems Yes Yes
Internet technologies Yes Yes
IT project management Yes Yes
IT service management Yes Yes
Object oriented programming Yes Yes
Principles of user interface design Yes Yes
Software engineering 1 Yes Yes
Systems analysis and design Yes Yes
Diploma project Yes Yes


Professional Graduate Diploma 
(BCS Level 6 Professional Graduate Diploma in IT)

Units Full time Part time
Advanced database management systems Yes Yes
Computer services management Yes Yes
IT and the environment Yes Yes
Knowledge based systems Yes Yes
Management information systems Yes Yes
Network information systems Yes Yes
Programming paradigms Yes Yes
Realising the user interface Yes Yes
Software engineering 2 Yes Yes
Web engineering Yes Yes
Post graduate diploma project Yes Yes