To achieve BCS Fellowship you'll be a leader in IT, recognised for your eminence, authority or seniority in your field.

Eminence: you're an expert in your IT field
You're likely to have a substantial record of published work and public speaking, and have made a significant contribution to advancing the knowledge and understanding of your discipline.

Authority: you're recognised for your knowledge and influence
You might have influence in the areas of system and organisational development; or be recognised for developing a technique which is now widely used.

You could be involved in a national or international standards committee, or professional body like BCS, in a technical or professional capacity; or you hold a senior technical position in which you demonstrate significant influence.

Seniority: you've held a senior position in IT for several years
Do you manage a team of 50 or more people, at least 20 of whom are at Professional (MBCS) membership level or equivalent?

Or you might be a consultant in an organisation working for major clients; a senior lecturer teaching IT at degree level; or in an IT role in the civil service at principal or senior principal level or higher.


You need to provide a CV or resume covering your IT experience in full to allow our assessors to confirm your status as a leader through your eminence, authority or seniority. You should include the positions you've held, your key achievements and how you view your contribution to the industry.


We'll require contact details for someone who can comment on your standing in the profession to verify your application. You can provide details for more than one supporter to verify different areas of your experience if necessary.

Supporters should be working at a similar level to you and it's preferable, though not essential, that they are Fellows of BCS.

Please speak to your supporters in advance to confirm they're happy to verify your application and for BCS to hold their details for the purposes of BCS Fellowship assessment and quality control.

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