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By becoming a member of BCS at this early stage in your career, you signal your dedication to delivering high ethical standards of practice to current and future employers as well as your commitment to your own professional development.


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Access our mentoring network to gain valuable advice and insight from our more experienced members. Attend regional branches, specialist groups and watch webinars to hear talks and network with thought leaders.


Prepare for your future

BCS membership offers access to the tools you need to kick start your career and beyond. Springboard will help you write the perfect CV using our CV360 platform, prevent any interview mishaps and begin to develop leadership skills through our knowledge modules.


Raise your profile

Use our industry recognised post-nominals on your CVs and LinkedIn profiles to show you have joined 60,000+ other IT professionals and have signed our royal charter to make IT good for society.


Have your say

Just because you’re new to the industry, doesn’t mean that you don’t have a voice. BCS actively encourage our younger members to contribute at Student Chapter and branch events, as well as take part in our member surveys.

Criteria and fees

You will need to be on an IT-related study course or apprenticeship to apply.
Annual subscription
£20 for one year or £30 for four years

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BCS membership is a lot like your current courses and apprenticeships; you get out what you put in. There are a whole host of opportunities waiting for you, it’s up to you to take them!

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