1. There shall be an annual Health Informatics (Nursing) group (NSG) Award named after Dame Phyllis Friend and known as the 'Dame Phyllis Friend Award' of the Health Informatics (Nursing) group of BCS.
  2. The award shall be open to all subscribing members (see footnote) of the Health Informatics (Nursing) group and will be for the sum of £250, with an accompanying scroll. The award sum will be reviewed annually, and may be increased in any year through the effect of sponsorship.
  3. The award shall be given to a Health Informatics (Nursing) group member, or members, who, through demonstration of good practice in the use of information and communications technologies, advances nursing practice, education, research or management so as to provide a positive impact on patient care and/or healthcare. New authors will be especially welcomed.
  4. Invitations will be extended to members to apply for the award through a specific notification, on the NSG website, and through other appropriate communication channels. The closing date for applications will be determined each year.
  5. The method of application shall be by submission of a paper describing the work (as outlined in 3 above); the paper shall have been fully prepared and referenced. Additional supporting evidence may be provided as appropriate. The applicant must provide one electronic copy of their submission by the deadline stated.
  6. The adjudication of the award shall be made by a panel, of at least four people, constituted as follows: NSG Chair (or appointed delegate, who will chair the Award Panel) and Editor of ITIN (or appointed delegate). Two senior members from the nursing professions; and a representative of any sponsoring organisation (if applicable/wished).
  7. The decision of the Health Informatics (Nursing) Group Executive Committee, taking account of the recommendation of the awards panel, will be final. The Health Informatics (Nursing) group, Executive Committee will be the sole arbiter of any decision on interpretation, clarification, or amendment of these regulations.
  8. The Annual Award Ceremony, with accompanying publicity, will take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Health Informatics (Nursing) group. It is a requirement of entry for the award that the winner(s) will present their paper; the conference fee for one presenter will be waived and travelling expenses within the UK provided for that one presenter.
  9. The winning paper will be published in an appropriate journal following the Award Ceremony.
  10. Members of the panel and of the Health Informatics (Nursing) group Executive shall be excluded from applying for the award. The award winner may not enter again for two years, but may then enter again in subsequent years.

Footnote: 1. An applicant must be a fully paid up member of the BCS NSG on the closing date for applications. Non-members, honorary members, and members in arrears will not be eligible. An application may be from a member working within a nursing or multidisciplinary team that includes non-members.