Although it is unlikely that you can schedule your CPD activities to the week or even month, you should be able to see that you are achieving your planned CPD activities broadly in line with the sequence identified, and broadly within the timeframe identified. 

Your workload at any time may mean that you do not complete specific CPD activities as you would hope to, but if you do not manage to execute any of your planned CPD activities then your plan is unrealistic.

Throughout your career there will be activities that, although perhaps unplanned, contribute to your CPD. These may contribute to your chosen career path directly or they may just add to your general knowledge and skills profile. These should be included in your CPD record.

One of the greatest challenges to recording your CPD is being able to record your actions close to the point of delivery. That’s why the BCS personal development plan has a responsive design, to enable you to use it on a compatible smartphone or tablet device that is connected to the Internet, as well as on a desktop or laptop PC.