The reflective learning approach encourages a focus on identifying the benefit to you as a result of CPD activity and to place this in the context of your career aspirations – reflecting on what you have learnt and the benefit you gained.

It’s not about the amount of time you committed or points you gained, it’s about getting the benefits you need from many different types of CPD activity (often a mix of the traditional CPD activities complemented by other methods). To help you, we have created a guide that highlights different types of CPD and some suggested resources.

We have a positive interest in supporting you, and so we are an enabler for your CPD by providing tools, opportunities and guidance. By doing that, we can maintain the excellence in the professionalism of our IT industry and that's important to us. Whatever stage you’re at in your career, we can provide up-to-date CPD guidance, resources and learning opportunities.

CPD can all too frequently be pushed to the background in the busy workplace. Our focus is to enable CPD to be brought to the fore, allowing you to decide how much CPD is right for you and when, and to make CPD as easy for you as possible.

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