You can use the BCS personal development plan to record your CPD plans and the results of achieving your goals and completing your activities. CPD is often required in order to maintain professional certifications or awards, CITP for instance.

You should review your CPD activities and consider for each CPD activity:

  • Has it delivered what you expected of it?
  • How have your knowledge, skills and competencies been enhanced?

While it is your CPD (and what form the CPD record takes is less important than the content of the record), BCS provides a CPD recording tool to enable you to capture your CPD activities and outcomes in an portable and consistent manner throughout your career.

Using the BCS personal development plan enables you to record your goals, activities and outcomes. It is employer independent and so is portable throughout your career. The BCS personal development plan is available and free to use for all IT professionals, and enables you to record your CPD on any compatible Internet enabled device.

Evaluate the outcome of an individual CPD activity

Go back and evaluate the CPD activities to determine what additional benefits have been gained. In particular, in addition to whether it delivered what you expected:

  • How have you benefited from the CPD?
  • How have you been able to bring what you have learned into your work?
  • How has your employer / customer benefited?