The evening included short talks from:

  • Dr Geraint Lewis, Chief Data Officer, NHS England
  • Dr Phil Koczan, CCIO, UCLPartners
  • Pete Sinden, CIO, Dr Foster

Leading into an open debate structured around the following questions on practicality:

  • What data exists now and what are our priorities for data collection?
  • What needs to be done to achieve the dataset - what are the challenges / barriers, resources and timelines?
  • What data collections hold the most importance for accuracy and completeness of data and how can NHS England better support?

And usage:

  • How can hospitals make use of this initiative to improve care and what are the benefits for engaging?
  • How do hospitals need to change and how will this initiative enable hospitals to focus on the patient care pathway?
  • What does it achieve at a national level and what are the limits of its use?

The event attracted a varied audience which provided for some insightful input to the BCS Health coordinated consultation response.

Output from the debate is detailed below: